Pencils down, children.

We shan’t need them today.

Tablets open,  dear young ones.

It’s the new way to play.


Let go of the past,

for certain it’s gone.

Embrace now the future,

it’s obviously won.


Progress, progress

always for the best.

The future in sight,

our eyelids can’t rest.


But one late nite,

in the dark of the room,

comes a light shining brightly

from out of the gloom.


It’s the tablet tonight

that enlightened the blind.

To be used as a flashlight

but only to find…


a crayon had rolled

down under the bed,

and put the idea

in the  little one’s head


“I love this new tool!

Wow! What a find!

Forget about Google,

I can draw from my mind.”